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Studio28 piercing is clean professional, friendly and calm .​

We know piercings look great and some times the wind takes you and you have just got to get that new piercing done . but you don't want to walk into a studio and feel self conscious about it . Here at Studio28 we pride our self on professionalism  so we endeavour to make you feel as relaxed as possible about the experience and enjoy it because ultimately its all for your enjoyment .

We have a  closed off designated piercing area at the rear of the studio so that you can be comfortable and  away from other things going on in the shop  , you are more that welcome to take a friend or family member with you to get your new piercing and all our needles  are  brand new in  pre sterilized packets . and the rest of our equipment is clean and sterilized in our sterilization area in the shop . we charge £15 per piercing for all regular piercings excluding genitals and sub dermals and tongue , please feel free to contact the shop for more information .

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