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here is the Studio28 After care advise sheet


  • Remove your dressing 2-3hrs after your Tattoo sitting

  • Wash your Tattoo with luke warm water and none scented soap , you may shower but do not soak your new Tattoo in the bath until your tattoo is fully healed as this could cause your tattoo to loose ink .

  • To dry your new tattoo , pat it down with clean Kitchen roll, not a towel as they can harbour bacteria.

  • Apply a small amount of either Tattoo Goo or Bepanthen little and often , do not over apply the balms . ( we do not recommend any other creams and will not be held responsible for the use of savlon bleaching a tattoo or causing heavy scabbing )

  • Clean your Tattoo 3 times daily for 7-10 days and continue to apply a thin layer of the recommended balm or cream 3 times a day or if you feel the tattoo is drying out until fully healed . ( usually about 3-4 weeks )

  • DO NOT ! cover your tattoo . wear loose fitting clothing over it , and if you have to protect it from the environment you are in change the dressing every 2 hours .

  • DO NOT ! rub , pick or scratch your new tattoo , this can cause the ink to come out and make the tattoo patchy and also cause infection due to dirt on under the finger nails .

  • AVOID ! prolonged exposure to the sun , sunbathing, tanning beds and saunas and swimming pools etc until your tattoo is fully healed usually around 3-4 week but if there are still scabs or you can see the skin is not fully healed stay away from those places .

  • enjoy your new Tattoo and if there are any problems or you are unsure about something get in touch with us here at Studio28

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