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Tattoo & Piercing​

Here at studio28 we pride our self on quality work for affordable prices .  we are clean professional, full licensed, insured and have a good portfolio so you can be sure of the quality of our work . we can do custom designs at an hourly rate of £60 per hour , so if you give us an idea of what kind of thing you want we will do our best to come up with and draw up the design that you will enjoy and love. we also charge  for the day for £250  . We also have flash to choose from and if you send us a design you have seen we will give you a fair price on it and can alter it to suit you for that personal touch . we also do piercing at £15 per piercing excluding genitals and sub dermals . . we are situated on the road between Blackwood and Risca  , in the Caerphilly area .

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